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Vendor Programs.
Done Right.

Partnering with Golden Sun Funding can help boost your sales. Golden Sun makes it easy for you to provide your customers with monthly payment options. We don't require multi-million-dollar annual volume commitments and we work with vendors of any equipment, vehicle, or software size. Your customers get the financing they need, and you still get paid in full immediately - it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Working with our programs not only helps our partners sell more goods, but it also increases margins, improves sales cycle times, and can even aid in closing sales months later. Our programs, supported by a team of industry professionals, combine innovative finance tools with quick turnaround - and all of this comes at no cost to you.

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Remember this: 80% of your customer base is interested in financing.

Partnering with Golden Sun Funding is an easy process, and offering your customers payment options will bring you significant benefits. Currently, more than 80% of all B2B equipment sales are financed, and offering payment options will keep you in front of this group, which makes up 80% of your customer base.

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"Providing financing speeds up the sales process."

With Golden Sun Funding, you can offer attractive payment options like financing and leasing while still getting paid in full right away. You make the sale, and we take the risk. Not offering financing means you are susceptible to losing customers to finance-offering competitors, as cash flow and reserves are increasingly important to businesses.

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Providing payment options has evolved into a marketing strategy."

Almost any type of capital equipment, vehicles, and software can be financed through Golden Sun Funding. Offering financing means closing sales faster, with no need to wait for the bank or other funding. Moreover, offering a payment option can be seen as a form of marketing, and tailoring custom, creative financing and lease programs to your clientele can be beneficial for your business. And yes, Golden Sun can help you with this.

It's time for you to work with a proactive financial partner who is dedicated to increasing your sales.

Golden Sun Funding provides the experience, trust, and knowledge gained from over 25 years of assisting our partners in boosting revenues. Please complete the form below to begin offering financing today.

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